busy busy busy

sooo much stuff to do and finish before Saturday...time to make a list and keep it all straight.

Today/Before Friday:
go to English Dept. and pick up grad tickets
go to Foothill (find where Foothill is!) and pick up package Done..sort of.
mandatory Cambridge meeting tonight at 7:00
write at least half of Chaucer paper (13 pages) 7 pages down
finish last draft of Troy paper (20 pages)
study for Celtic Studies final exam

take Celtic studies final: 12:30-3:30
go from exam to airport to pick up Dad
eventually send Dad off with Mom until sunday
finish Chaucer paper a day late but DONE
study for Chaucer finaldidn't actually get much done though
e-mail Troy paper by midnight if havn't already done so

turn in Chaucer paper ****got an extension until monday!
take Chaucer final
done by 3:30ish...
added: mail EAP forms that were due last week
party at the Boys' house at night.

English Dept. grad. ceremony
dinner with the fam and back to Modesto for the week.

beware of some pessimism folks...

yesterday, as i finished watching the movie, Bobby (a movie about 22 people who were in the Ambassador Hotel the day RFK was assassinated) i couldnt help but notice that even in a time when the US was involved in an unpopular war (sound similar anyone?), and following the assassination of Dr. MLK, the world still seemed to be hopeful. Bobby Kennedy was the people's hope to end the division between the rich and poor, black and white, etc. When he was killed, it appears as if the people's hopes for a better future were also killed. I couldnt help but think "what if?" What if JFK, MLK, and RFK--all men who attempted to bring the US and the world closer together in a peaceful way--hadnt been killed, would we, now, be as disillusioned with politics or with the world that we all seem to be? wheres the idealism? wheres the faith? wheres the hope? where are the political figures attempting to bring about peace and unity rather than wars and punishment?

and just as i was thinking that everything changes...the world had problems then in the 60s just as it does now. really, is it all the different?

and then theres the news today of the massacre at Virginia Tech which accumulated in 31 deaths--the largest massacre in US history. i wonder, how can there be any hope left?

the assassinations of good and well-meaning men trying to make the world a better place. bombs going off in every part of the world trying to kill as many people as possible, and a student opening fire on and killing his fellow students. each of things are not one time occurances. they are things that happen numerous times each year...this is why there isnt any hope for the world...becasue time and time again, people prove that in general, People Suck. how can a person not be pessimistic and negative in this kind of world. Where are the stories on the news about all the good things happening out there? i know theres got to be some! because as cynical and pessimistic as i am, i refuse to believe that thats it. bring on the good news, people need to hear it.

last papery goodness

as the beginning of the second half of the semester starts (only 5 more weeks!) so it begins..thats right: the paper writing. as i came back from spring break a little over a week ago, i realised that it had begun: the starting phases of my 20-25 page senior research paper had begun...and its all downhill (well, technically uphill?) from here. the rest of my semester will focus on this one paper that supposedly acts as the big to-do at the end in which i cumulatively show off everything i've learned in the last 4 (5 for me) years of college...except technically i've still got another semester to go...i apparently like to do things out of order. go figure.

sooooooooo, for those curious as to what i've spent the last week or so developing/researching and will spend the next 5 weeks bringing to fruition, ladies and gentleman...*drumroll*....The portrayal and role of Grecian Women in the Iliad with a focus on society and politics. Initially i was going to be ambitious and include women from the Aeneid but that would have been to heavy for a 20 pager.

back to attempting to put together my annotated bibliography...even though i'm missing sources and have yet to read all the articles i've collected...and its due on wednesday. fun.
HP Dance

opinions please

i think im getting a new ipod very soon but i can't decide which one i want. sooooooo i'd like to know what you guys think. the shuffle is definately out. but i can't decide between the ipod or the ipod nano. the nanos all cute and small in a very nifty kinda way. but the ipod enables you to watch movies! i don;t know if i ever will but its cool that i'd be able to! now, i know the nano comes in different colors but i want a black one so that really doesnt matter.

what do you guys think? have you had one and hated it (like i hate my ipod mini), have one and loved it?? tell me your thoughts!
Dorky British Boys

i think The Clash said it best....London's Calling...

i got it! i got the e-mail!!!

Dear UK Cambridge Applicants,

Congratulations! You have been selected to the EAP Cambridge Summer
program. Selection Letters will be available Thursday in the
BPSA office. Please come by the office later this week and pick up
your letter.

woohoo! i just have to get a health clearance and keep me grades above a 3.0. this kicks ass!!

speaking of kicking ass...i totally kicked my Chaucer midterm's ass today!

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procrastination will be the death of me.

when i die, my tombstone will say:
"here lies Megan, she procrastinated. a lot."
or perhaps,
"here lies Megan, the latest victim of procrastination"

or something to that effect...

Sexy Back

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tonight, after months of begging my friends to go see it with me, i finally saw Pan's Labyrinth. AMAZING movie. AMAZING. every single one of you should go out and see it. like now. even though its after midnight...just go. that is all.